Income Tax - Individuals

Individual resident in Cyprus are liable to income tax in accordance with the Income Tax Law (Law No. 118(I) of 2002 , as amended) in respect of their worldwide income. An individual is resident in Cyprus, if he/she resides therein for a period or more which in aggregate exceed 183 days. Non-tax residents are liable to tax in respect of Cyprus source income only However, non-tax residents having a permanent establishment in Cyprus may elect, if it is to their benefit, to be taxed in accordance with the provisions applicable to tax residents. The income liable to income tax includes, inter alia, trade income, income from salaried services, pensions, interest, dividends, royalties, any amounts of trade goodwill, etc. The Law stipulates for various exemptions, provided certain conditions are satisfied.

The computation of residence in Cyprus is based on the following principles:

  1. A day of departure from Cyprus is considered as a day outside the republic
  2. A day of arrival in Cyprus is considered as a day in the republic
Personal tax rates (year 2008)
Taxable income €Tax rate %Tax on rate €Cumulative tax €
0 - 19,500Nil--
19,501 - 28,000201,7001,700
28,001 - 36,300252,0753,775
36,301 - 60,000307,11010,885
60,001 +35
Pensions received from abroad
Note: Regarding the pensions received from abroad, there is an option to choose
to be taxed either at normal rates or at the special mode of taxation as above
Taxable pensions €Tax rate %
Up yto 3,417.20Nil
Over 2,417.005
 Limit of exemption
Interest incomeAll
Dividends Income
Lump sum received in the form of bonus on retirement, on computation of pension, as a bonus on death or as compensation on death or pesonal injury
Capital sum received from insurance or approved provident funds
Widow pensions
Individuals who were not Cypriot residents before the commencement of their employment are allowed after the first year an exemption of 20% of their emoluments with maximum amount € 8.543,01 annually. This exemption can be used for 3 years commencing from 1st January following the first year of employment
Deposits with Housing Finance Corporation (The Exemption applies to deposit schemes, which existed as at 30 April 2003)40% of the amount deposited. The deposited amount connot exceed 25% of person’s total income
Tax deductions

The following are deducted from Income:

Contributions to trade unions or professional bodiesAll
Loss of current year and previous years, but not loss incurred due to donations or contributionsAll
Donations to approved foundations (with receipt)All
Rental Income20% of gross rental income
Expentiture incurred for the maintenance of listed buildings for which there has to be either a Preservation order or certificate by the Minister of Interior that the expenses are in respect of preservation work for restoring the buildingUp to €700 - €1.100 and €1.200 per square meter (depending on the size of the building)
Social Insurance, provident fund, medical fund, pension fund contributions and life insurance premiums (the allowable annual life insurance premium is restricted to 7% of the insured amount)The total amount of deduction is restricted to 1/6 of taxable income

Tax Rates for Income Tax since 1991

%Tax years
1991-1995 £1996-1999 £2000-2001 £2002 £
00 - 2,0000 - 5,0000 - 6,0000 - 9,000
202,001 - 4,0005,001 - 8,0006,000 - 9,0009,000 - 12,000
25---12,001 - 15,000
304,001 - 8,0008,001 - 11,0009,001 - 12,00015,001 +
408,000 +11,001 +12,001 +-

%Tax years
2003 £2004-2006 £2007 £2008/2012 €
00 - 9,0000 - 10,0000 - 10,7500 - 19,500
209,001 - 12,00010,001 - 15,00010,751 - 15,75019,500 - 28,000
2512,001 - 15,00015,001 - 20,00115,751 - 20,60028,001 - 36,300
3015,001 & Over20,001 & Over20,601 & Over36,301 - 60,000
35---60,001 & Over