Taxation Services

Taxation Services
Tax planning is needed at individual, family or business level to find ways to minimize the tax burden. The complexity and the continuous renewal of the tax law cause serious problems which we are ready to face.

Our tax department which is staffed by specialists offer the following services:

  • Preparation and submission of tax returns of companies, partnerships and self-employed
  • Settlement of disputes against taxation
  • Preparation of capital statements for directors and shareholders as well as other taxpayers
  • Tax advices and planning in all tax matters such as Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Estate Tax, Capital Tax and Value Added Tax on local and international companies
  • This section informs the customers about new changes to legislation through seminars and regular newsletters which are sent
PanAudit Konnaris advise and assist in the creation of effective tax solutions to exploit the potential of tax laws. Are consultants for tax planning ensuring the best possible outcome.

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A History of Tax
Tax has an extremely long-established history. The ancient Egyptians appointed Tax Masters who increased the burden on the Children of Israel – slaves under Egyptian domination.
As a general rule, tax is the source that is best exploited by government. It is imposed on individuals and companies to finance services that the State is obligated to provide and to meet its goals. On extremely rare occasions, governments have used sources other than tax; for instance, income from natural resources. However, as a general rule, most governments use the collection of taxes as the main tool for financing their expenses.
Tax is divided into two main categories, progressive and regressive taxes. Progressive tax is graduated and its rate varies according to the taxpayer’s income. Regressive tax is a tax at a fixed rate irrespective of the taxpayer’s income. For example, sales tax is imposed on sales, at a fixed rate, on rich and poor alike. It is regressive in that it is a tax that is proportionally greater on the income of a poor man than that of a rich man.


Taxes – Sex and War
When you are at a meeting with the tax authorities, it is reasonable to appear suitably dressed in an attempt to persuade the tax authorities of the justice of your arguments.
At best, you will succeed in persuading them. At worst, you will be required to pay taxes in excess of those you had expected to pay. But in the worst possible case, if you are guilty of a tax crime, you will be severely penalized.
Throughout history, the collection of taxes has had interesting results. In the year 60 A.D. the Queen of East England rebelled against corrupt tax collectors.
The Queen succeeded in recruiting 230,000 warriors to fight the war, and when it was over, some 80,000 men had been killed.
In 1369, the reason for the renewal of the 100 Years War between England and France was the rebellion of the nobility against the tax policy of Edward, the Black Prince.
An original method of fighting the tax authorities was adopted by the Englishwoman, Lady Godiva. In the 11th century, Lady Godiva successfully reduced the tax assessment on her husband, the Earl of Mercia, by riding naked on a white horse through the streets of Coventry.